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NEWS! As you may be aware there are some exciting and big changes coming in the way we train staff, new learning blocks and courses and a strong focus on the Competencies for those who are hands on setting up traffic management sites NZTA have made this video 

Or if you enjoy reading, please take a look at the TRAINING AND COMPETENCY MODEL - PDF 

If you need to renew your qualification, please take a look at this link RENEWING STMS WARRANT

Please note that once you have completed a course/s, we send your registration forms away to NZTA, who then process your ID Cards. The minimum processing time is approx. 3 - 4 weeks and during peak periods this can take up to 2 months so please be patient. For documentation and TMP's you are current from the date NZTA have received your registration form (this can take up to 1 - 2 working days after you have completed the course), on your paper work make note of the date you attend the course and trainer name (your ID number always remains the same from TC - STMS and Refresher courses).

NZTA qualifications last for 3 years before you need to attend a refresher course.
Use this link to look up your ID Number

Useful Information for managers and business owners prior to selecting staff or before engaging traffic management services.
Click here to view a basic overview & intro into the TTM Industry (PowerPoint) that helps bring some light on why we have the NZTA code of practice in an interesting and entertaining way.
It also helps understand why we have trained qualified staff on road work sites. This may also help you select the type person your intending to put through the courses. (please note this is only a glimpse of the code and for full details you must refer to the NZTA website & CoPTTM. 


Upcoming courses

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January 2020

Monday 20th January Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) 2-day course Dunedin Book
Thursday 23rd January Traffic Controller (TC) 1-day course Dunedin Book
Friday 24th January Refresher course (TC/STMS) 1-day course Dunedin Book
Tuesday 28th January Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) 2-day course Invercargill Book
Thursday 30th January Traffic Controller (TC) 1-day course Invercargill Book
Friday 31st January Refresher course (TC/STMS) 1-day course Invercargill Book