Onsite Assessments

This page provides information about the onsite assessments and verified sites.

Please do not confuse these with classroom theory courses, those also have their own assessments which be checking they achieved and understand the theory knowledge of our industry prior to moving towards the onsite assessments if that's the career path they reading to being a true blue TMO or STMS out on the road.
Unit Standard for being Competent TMO is Connexis US31960 and STMS is US31963

Traffic Management Operative (TMO)

To be able to receive the practising TMO warrant, you will have to achieve Unit Standard US31960.

A current TMO Non-Practising (US31959) warrant is the prerequisite to the TMO practising warrant. 

Site Traffic Management Specialist (STMS) for Category A, B, C

To be able to receive the practising STMS warrant, you will have to achieve Unit Standard US31963.

The STMS Universal (US31961) and a current STMS Non-Practising warrant (US31962) for the category you require, IE: A, B, C  is the prerequisite to the STMS practising warrant. 
An STMS Refresher does only require to hold a current STMS Non-practising warrant (US31962).

Existing qualified STMS who have held the qualification prior to 1st April 2021 can go straight to the X1 Assessed site… but ask yourself the following. Are they confident and competent! IE will they pass the assessment! Have you looked at the Assessment book?

Don’t forget that you need to do all the steps (verified and onsite assessments) as we covered in the previous slides we just covered on each Category road you're wanting warranted/qualified in IE CAT A, B or C or all or a mixture etc

There are 3 types of onsite assessments that are completed:

(click to view ASSESSMENT INFO which has a few helpful slides to show the types of TTM closures you will be assessed on. In addition, this is described below)
  1. Verified TTM Closures that carried out by Mentors (competent STMS who have completed the Mentors course) can be one of the attached EXAMPLE closures (IE: Shoulder Closure, Partial Lane Closure, Lane Closures, Two-Lane Diversion, MTC sites
  2. Verified TTM Closure by a Mentor again can pick from above but only X1 can be a Shoulder Closure (EXAMPLES)
  3. The TTM Assessment which is completed by an NZTA - approved and qualified TTM Assessor this closure will be on an alternating flow IE a Stop-Go MTC site or using Portable Traffic Signals (the applicant can decide). The TTM Assessor will also check the quality of the two mentors sites they conducted as per the assessment guides
    • TMO onsite assessment 
    • STMS CAT A, B, C assessment 
One of the two verified sites above must include either Pedestrian / or Cyclist management (footpath closed or temporary footpath diversion etc) 
Read the above, when you feel confident and competent then sign up and book in with mentors and TTM Assessors!

Also note the assessment conditions 
  • The assessment worksite must be on a live network
  • The assessment can be completed:
    • at a worksite set up just for the assessment, or
    • at an actual worksite
  • The only difference between TMO and STMS assessments is that the TMO will be all around minding/maintain a site whereas STMS will be around briefing crew, installation, risk assessments, following TMP, removal of the site 

Continued background information to read:

  • Until you have at least read some of the primary information around the changes, it is near impossible to have a conversation… we would be talking in two different languages otherwise! So please take the time to read prior to making contact with Trainers or booking in staff on courses. There have been some substantial industry changes! It is no longer a 30-minute conversation on the phone unless you have got grips with some of the primary changes first, so please read the supplied information on our website or NZTA website.
    • If your PCBU read it!
    • If your booking people on courses read it!
    • If your managing staff that work in traffic management read it!
    • If your HS officer or responsible for planning TTM jobs read it!

Re-evaluate, questions to ask yourself prior to booking into the new courses

  • Are my existing TTM staff that hold quals, using that qual right now? IE: actually in that role? Do they want to remain in that role under the new training changes? What is it they do or are wanting to do? Some may be downgrading to TMO, TTM-W if that’s their true role. Ask them and yourself, if they a true STMS and if not what do they do on a daily basis. This will help check which true Qualification they actually need under the new system! They may be doomed to complete a practical assessment unless they have the competencies in that role! STMS is now the true builder with the hammer out on the road and all other roles are split off!
  • Designer, Auditors, Stop-Go workers, TC, TMO, STMS….everyone needs to think about what it is your doing right now in the industry and match that to the new learning blocks / Quals! This will help avoid wasting time and money trying to progress in a direction you're not actually going to perform tasks in! Do not by default force or try to keep what you have now if it is not what they are actually doing in reality. 
  • Also, note that the best way to get extensive knowledge is that we highly recommend doing the theory courses through the STMS-Universal to get the best understanding of the industry and what the staff you be looking after will be doing. If you are in charge of staff this would be wise. IE STMS-Universal and the theory courses for CAT A, B, C etc would be a good direction to head in.  
Costs… recap, depends on where you are in NZ, who you have access to and how fast learner learns and their current experience levels and knowledge. Course costs are set prices but on-job training not so easy to measure $. Note good STMS within your company and in your area can help prep for getting up to a level where staff are ready to have verified sites by mentors or prior to the onsite assessment.

There are many ways we can conduct and arrange Onsite Assessments, can be carried out and well need details when you make contact so know how we can arrange them IE:
  1. On your own site, that you have arranged to use your own TTM vehicle and equipment etc and have your own approved TMP for that site. IE come to you!
  2. You want us to provide all of the above, TMP, provide all TTM resources needed to create a mock site on a real live environment 
    • Please consider if opting for this also need details on who be driving our vehicle and license type etc and background around more throughout info around their experience 
  3. You would like to ride in with one of our TTM crew to gain some experience and at the same time as they progress sign of verified sites over a period of time then also have us carry our assessments. This option we provide everything and be completed in real jobs. 
More information about the complete and entire NZTA Training Model please refer to the links below on in-depth background. 

Renewing your qualification for existing STMS roles refer to the RoadMap 
TTM Warrant & detailed process for each role (gaining competencies for each role, IE practising roles refer to   
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