Temporary Traffic Management Worker (1 - 2 day course)


The TTM Worker is the first step towards becoming a worker in the temporary Traffic Management industry, working under a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) in a TTM crew.

The training will be held over 1-2 days (either full day or over two half days). 

First Part

Theory (knowledge) learning in the classroom, plus practical training starting in a controlled environment (at our depot).

Second Part

The trainee will be taken to a live environment on a real work site for a final Assessment which at that stage will be done by our TTM Mentor (this includes the time for our internal HS induction the person also needs to undertake with our company before going out to the live environment).
The TTM Mentor assesses the Trainee if Achieved or Not Achieved (costs for this training do not include reassessment if trainee does Not Achieve)

Refer to this Profile which outlines what the course covers TTM Worker Outcomes

The TTM worker is the prerequisite to continue onto the other learning roles which lead to the national certificate in TTM if they gain all competencies (passing the practical training for the category of road level they are going for).

Unit standards however for TTM worker are not given but if the person continues onto the Traffic Controller (TC), Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) roles etc,  they will be eligible for unit standards refer to Learning Map.

For more in depth break down please refer to TTM Worker Learning Plan attached.

Note this is an extensive training for the TTM Worker role. It takes a trainee who has no experience through knowledge and practical training with the objective being the person, walks away competent in both theorie and practical knowledge.
Our experienced and qualified TTM Mentors will work one on one with your staff member and provide all relevant learning information and explain the process prior and during the training.


Who should attend

A worker who assists with Temporary Traffic Management under direction (eg puts signs and cones out, assists with stop/go)


There is no previous training required to attend the TTM Worker course TTM Worker (general information)
(note it shows the General Worker as a prerequisite, however this is not correct and we are awaiting the new relaese of information from NZTA) 


For any bookings and / or questions please email train@trafficmanagementltd.co.nz