General Worker

Connexis Unit standard ref: US31597

Demonstrate knowledge of working safely as a general worker on a worksite under temporary traffic management.

Aimed at Anyone working on or who is likely to visit a worksite.

This course would also suit contractors who are working within the workspace but not directly involved with the TTM closure or TTM Crew (traffic management activities). Or anyone who wants some entry-level knowledge about TTM that maybe works in the office, project managers, or people who intend on visiting or entering a TTM site to get some very basic knowledge of rules when being within a TTM site, or working in one. If you do not intend to do any of the TTM roles this course would be a good match, anyone else would be best to start with the TTM-Worker. Or if you wish as a stepping stone to that but is not a prerequisite to the other learning blocks ie theTTM-W.

How will the trainee be assessed?

Theory questions only and is an open book assessment; trainees answers must clearly show an understanding of the subject and be in their own words.
Model answers are indicative, any reasonable answer to be accepted. The Assessor must use professional experience and knowledge when assessing questions.


This is an approx half-day course, we can also run it online as eLearning. Please make contact if you are interested. 

Learning Objectives
• Know how to enter and exit a worksite safely
• Know how to work safely at a worksite (around road user and construction traffic)
Other Topics this course will cover
• Able to act as spotter for vehicle manoeuvres
Includes the following general worker information:
• Entry/Exit points
• Emergency procedures
• Who to report to
• Briefings
• Roles and responsibilities of TTM personnel
• Hazard identification - potential hazards within the worksite/road environment)
• Working around plant and machinery
• No go zones
• Identify / recognise correct PPE

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