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COVID-19 Information - Level 2

TMC Retail Store has reopened for customers. You will need to check-in and check-out using our QR codes. If you prefer contactless shopping you can shop online here or phone or email orders through. Orders can be delivered or you can pre-arrange to pick up from our store. 

Free delivery for orders over $100 - use code TMCSHOP when ordering. 


Our unique difference is that we have three divisions: SERVICE, TRAINING and RETAIL.
This allows us to be actively out on the road in NZ’s harsh environments, testing many of our products before they become purchasable - ensuring our products are of top notch quality while being compliant.
We have over a decade of experience, so all our staff members are highly knowledgeable and understand all the rules and regulations surrounding the industry. Our in-house team have developed a good percentage of our own equipment to NZTA COPTTM specifications.

Our aim is to specialise in what we do best so that ultimately your organisation can do what they do best! Streamlining your workloads and worries.

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Featured Products

Esko 4X Combat Clear Safety Specs
($20.00 INCL GST)
TTMC Hi Vis Garment Vest
($12.01 INCL GST)
Gumboot INCAGS
($49.00 INCL GST)
Temporary Warning Signs & Products
($0.00 INCL GST)
Vispec Clear Specs
($6.84 INCL GST)
Disposable overalls
($10.35 INCL GST)
Disposable Overalls
($14.95 INCL GST)
Level 1 Arrow Board
($2,978.50 INCL GST)
Knitted Cotton Glove
($1.71 INCL GST)
Cone Mounted Sign Yellow
($16.10 INCL GST)
Disposable Blue Nitrile Powder Free Gloves
($23.92 INCL GST)
Esko Bi-Focal Safety Glasses
($7.89 INCL GST)
Navy Cotton Overalls
($67.85 INCL GST)
Brow Guard & Clear Visor Set
($42.55 INCL GST)
Cone Mounted Sign A4 Red and White
($16.10 INCL GST)
Premium Grade Duct Tape - Orange 25m long x 48mm wide
($16.00 INCL GST)
Medical Grade Face Shield
($15.62 INCL GST)
Disposable overalls
($11.96 INCL GST)
Do Not Enter If You Feel ILL (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Site Operating Instructions - Level 3 (Covid-19 Signage)
($33.00 INCL GST)
Site Access - No Unauthorised Entry (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Maintain Physical Distancing (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Stop - Multi-Health and Safety Steps Sign (Covid-19 signage)
($33.01 INCL GST)
Avoid Touching your Face (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Cough into Your Elbow (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
If You Feel Ill Tell Your Supervisor (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Wear a Mask and Keep Yourself and Others Safe (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Hand Washing Technique with Soap and Water (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Use Hand Sanitiser (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Wash Hands Regularly and Dry (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Single use filter masks
($74.75 INCL GST)
Plastic Yellow Safety Chain - 25m Roll
($65.00 INCL GST)