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Our unique difference is that we have three divisions: SERVICE, TRAINING and RETAIL.
This allows us to be actively out on the road in NZ’s harsh environments, testing many of our products before they become purchasable - ensuring our products are of top notch quality while being compliant.
We have over a decade of experience, so all our staff members are highly knowledgeable and understand all the rules and regulations surrounding the industry. Our in-house team have developed a good percentage of our own equipment to NZTA COPTTM specifications.

Our aim is to specialise in what we do best so that ultimately your organisation can do what they do best! Streamlining your workloads and worries.

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Featured Products

Pullover Hoodie
($53.30 INCL GST)
Yellow/Black Lane Marking Tape
($14.72 INCL GST)
Extra Flex - Flexi Pro Glove
($4.95 INCL GST)
Headlight Beanie
($15.00 INCL GST)
Temporary Warning Signs & Products
($0.00 INCL GST)
Stormtech Thermal Fleece Gloves
($20.24 INCL GST)
Turu Thermal Sock
($27.00 INCL GST)
Bison Neo Boot - Rubber Outsole
($197.23 INCL GST)
Extreme Orange Rain Pants
($190.00 INCL GST)
XL Sign Cover with Telescopic Pole
($746.35 INCL GST)
Blundstone 140 Slip on Boot
($195.70 INCL GST)
Kaiwaka Hi-Vis TTMC-W Over Trousers
($138.81 INCL GST)
Kaiwaka Tufflex Parka - Hi Viz
($198.00 INCL GST)
Torrential Rain Jacket - Rip Stop
($153.53 INCL GST)
Caution - Wet Floor - Folding Sign
($23.00 INCL GST)
Medical Grade Face Shield
($15.62 INCL GST)
Use Hand Sanitiser (Covid-19 signage)
($30.00 INCL GST)
Overlay Reflective Tape - Conspicuity Tape
($20.00 INCL GST)
FR Overalls with Reflective Strip 12 cal
($153.53 INCL GST)
Bisley Chambray L/S Cotton Shirt
($40.02 INCL GST)
Maxi Mask 2000 Respirator
($62.35 INCL GST)
Coloured Cones 700mm
($40.48 INCL GST)
Bisley X Airflow Rip Stop Long sleeve Shirt
($63.02 INCL GST)
Bisley Metro L/S Shirt
($27.44 INCL GST)
Fashion Biz Springfield Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt
($71.57 INCL GST)
Nikki 3 Vented Hard Hat
($18.40 INCL GST)
Neptune Black Bata Safety Shoe
($89.93 INCL GST)
Blundstone Black Safety Jogger
($177.10 INCL GST)