Overlay Reflective Tape - Conspicuity Tape

SKU: Overlay Reflective Tape

Conspicuity Tape is a reflective tape used to increase visibility at night time.

  • Great for marking outdistances, which need to be seen at night time - use for managing queue's for your business during Covid-19 in vehicle access areas, loading bay areas, warehousing and courier loading zones.
  • Ideal for indicating the edge of buildings/workshops / garages, using on vehicles, truck and trailer units, service trucks, buses and bikes.
  • Highly reflective and features wide angularity to make any vehicle more visible to other road users in many weather and light conditions.
  • Used for marking Trucks, Trailers, Electronic Signs, sides of buildings, posts, letterboxes, floor areas.
  • Easy to apply
  • Colours - Reflective colours available: Red, Fluro Yellow, Fluro Orange, White
  •  Available in a 1m strip (Longer lengths can be ordered - call for enquiries)


Overlay Reflective Tape - Conspicuity Tape $17.39
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