Daniel Kinraid

Operations Manager & HS Representative
Daniel Kinraid

Daniel has been with TMC Ltd since mid-2015. He started out on the Road as a traffic controller and worked his way up to his role as Operations Manager and Health and Safety Representative. Daniel spends his day-to-day ensuring sites are compliant and safe, that quality control is up to standard, checking health and safety compliance, and allocating staff. Daniel completed his Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) training up to level 2/3NP.

As Health and Safety Representative, Health and Safety is a huge part of his role, but it’s also a huge part of the industry for TMC Ltd. Ensuring the safety of TMC Ltd staff and the public is a big part of Daniels role.

Daniel thinks it’s really rewarding to see not just TMC Ltd grow as a company, but to see staff grow. He thinks it’s great seeing their quality of workmanship lifting, and they get to pick up qualifications along the way too. Everyone in the TMC Ltd team brings something to the table, and it’s a great environment for staff.

Daniel enjoys working with the team, as they’re what he calls his industry family. He enjoys working in the outdoors and getting good feedback from the public.

Outside of work, Daniel is a real car fanatic. He’s a family man who enjoys spending time with the kids and watching them grow.