Zak Cotton

Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Designer & Job Bookings
Zak Cotton

Zak has been with TMC Ltd for over six years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as TMP designer and job booker. Through his experience working for four years in the traffic management industry starting off on the road driving sign trucks and setting up work sites, Zak worked his way to becoming a TMP designer preparing plans in the operations team.

As one of TMC’s most experienced TMP designers in the operations team, Zak likes to maintain a high quality of work and provide creative solutions that are suitable for both the needs of all road users and the client. He thinks the team at TMC Ltd are great, as they all work together and support each other. He finds that good clear communication and a high level of industry knowledge, coupled with his hands-on experience get him through, even with those complicated projects. Often the more complex projects are the most rewarding, as they require multiple planning stages and making the impossible possible.

Zak has been an invaluable addition to the TMC Ltd team, with a Certificate in Basic Mechanical Engineering Trade Skills (in fabrication and steelwork), he has also contributed to the design of the custom TMC Ltd trucks that we operate.

Born and bred in Dunedin, Zak has a comprehensive understanding of the wider Dunedin road network and our often tight and tricky roads. On the weekends you will find him in the great outdoors; spending time climbing, hiking, skateboarding and adventuring with his dog. He also enjoys catching up with friends and family.