Julian Crawford

Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Designer & Job Bookings
Julian Crawford

Julian Crawford began working with TMC Ltd in January 2017 and gained a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) qualification through TMC Ltd.

Julian enjoys his role as traffic management plan designer (TMP designer) as every job can present different challenges, and the role requires lateral thinking and problem solving. Julian came to his role from a background in IT, previously working as a website designer. He finds the visual aspects of designing traffic management diagrams rewarding and enjoys working with advanced software, as it allows a high standard of design and accuracy.

Julian is an asset to the TMC Ltd team, as he has a high attention to detail, is excellent at multi-tasking and remains calm under pressure. With a Diploma in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies, Julian is naturally a critical thinker. He finds most challenges can be solved by referring to the code of practice for temporary traffic management and adhering to the best practice for the industry.

On weekends you can find Julian riding his motorbike or playing golf.