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Remember to go into settings and enter the email address that you want the OSR reports sent to. Don't just default to putting your own emails in, but remember the app is best utilised when all parties in your organisation can see the OSR reports i.e. management/operations/lead STMS will most likely want to review the site checks or have a copy on their computer for record keeping.
For example, we send to, and that email address is set up to forward to all key staff, that way as many people as you want can view the reports.
Don’t forget to set up your information in Settings, i.e. STMS/TC ID numbers, opt in for GPS (otherwise it won’t give you the location) and remember to set your signature.

Searching for the App in your APP STORE:
Search for = Copttm, on-site record or OSR (Should look like a wee green road cone). (available on I phone 4S and later, All Window phones and Android phones).

Site checked failed during saving or sending:
Simply go back into the site and resend the report, or a site summary to view all checks completed that day.

Site Pictures:
You can only add one picture at a time (this will change in the next update). Select your first picture from your gallery, then simply click the camera icon again to add another. Repeat this as many times as you like.

Mapping your location:
When you pin your location on the map, the App also locks your GPS location in the background for the OSR report, so if you’re in bed saying you’re doing a check down the road, the OSR record will show you in bed :-).
TSL (Temp Speed Limits):
If you’re working on a static site that isn’t moving anywhere and has speed signs (TSL) you only need enter the first speed report at the start of the day, i.e. two hourly. After that just hit NO each time it asks if you want to update (unless you move sites or temp speed limit changes).
At the end of the day on your final OSR check you say YES and click that you removed them.

Site Handover:
If you complete a Site Handover to a delegated TC then the app will still let you do site checks, if you do a hand over to a STMS then it will lock you because you are no longer the STMS in charge (you can take the site back if required at later site). The N/A handover function is intended for non-roading sites or if you want to use this Hanover function as Tool Box briefing / induction.

Removing your site:
At the end of the day, or when site finishes and you check the tick box as removed on your last OSR check, this will lock your out form anymore checks unless you re-opening site clicking on the re-opening icon inside the site.

Site Summary:
This function lets you see all the checks for that site, in once complete email, i.e. if you have been there all day or all week, sending a site summary does break down all checks completed since the site has been created, ideal way to save and file away in once tidy report. If you delete a site it will also automatically send a site summary so don’t panic if you delete your site this happen in the background.

No cell phone coverage:
The app still stores the site within phone with date/time and GPS location, so all that’s required once you do come back into reception is open the site and resend each site check by following the above steps, or simply send the Site Summary which sends every check for the site you have created. So nothing changes in terms of 100% accurate record keeping, just a delay in when it will be emailed to your selected email address.

If asked to show your OSR onsite, open up the OSR app, go to your site and you can view each 2 hourly check as you would have if using the paper version. If they want a copy you can forward a copy from your email.

Other Tips:
  • The APP is a handy tool for recording when you erect the No Parking cones the day before in case a vehicle parks there.
  • Useful for forwarding your site summary to your clients weekly to show the service you have provided, and also your TMC/RCA if requested.
  • Great proof if it’s questioned what time you were onsite for billing/invoice purposes (if you click GPS link it show you the location you were at the time of the site check).
  • This is the best way to have accurate records for unattended sites as you have 100% proof the site was checked daily or as required by the RCA or stated in the TMP.
  • Management/Lead STMS can have a second set eyes on each site reviewing site pictures, times of each site check and location of staff.

If this hasn’t answered your question, send us an email at

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