SKU: LB1200

Permanent mounting only. 12-24V Dual voltage. 24 month warranty
Comes in a fully controllable pilot light version.
Size 1170mm x 320mm x 128mm. Length of cable from the base of the bar to the controller is 3.5 meters.
See a video demonstration of the LB1200 here.
Roof brackets suitable for most vehicles included.
The purple/Amber 1200 is made for pilot work and you can have both purple/Amber running or has inbuilt setting to shut down and run the amber side only, depending on type of heavy haulage work you are undertaking (purpose built Pilot Light). 
LED colour: amber
Lens cover: clear, amber
Has extruded aluminium housing and selectable flash patterns.
Please ensure that you select the fastest flash pattern to ensure this light complies with NZTA COPTTM.


  • Polycarbonate lens 
  • 26 modules - 3 x 1W LED per module

Please note that for Temporary Traffic Management the light must have an amber lens as referred to in section B14.1 of the COPTTM
Also available in 380mm or 660mm sizes.

LB1200 LIGHT BAR $1,217.00
($1,399.55 incl. GST)
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