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Sensor turns lamp on at night and turns itself off during daytime.
Can be used as delineation device for road closures,
temporary footpaths or on the corners of work sites identifying hazardous objects.
Uses 2 6V Heavy Duty batteries (not included)
High-quality LEDs with nearly unlimited life time. 
Lamp class L6 (one-sided) resp. L7 (two-sided) according to EN 12352. • Lens diameter 200mm, lamp head adjustable
• Automatic solar switch. Loop for carrying.
• Easy attachment to tubes or barriers with the firmly mounted bracket

• Easy battery replacement without removing the lamp
NZTA Rules:
Amber-flashing warning lamps must be placed on safety fences and barricades when they are used to protect a hazard less than 30m long, on level LV and level 1 roads. A lamp must be placed on at least each corner of the safety fence to help make the hazard more identifiable.
On all levels of road, the delineation of hazards that are parallel to the direction of traffic and more than 30m long, must be by safety fences or barricades fitted with suitable reflectorised delineators.


Lamps $56.00
($64.40 incl. GST)
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