ArbourMax Ascend Trousers

ArbourMax Ascend Trousers

Clogger Arborist Lightweight Chainsaw Pants.
Durable Comfort; high abrasion resistant,
Stretch upper garment fabric gives ease of movement.
Adjustable cooling- zipped rear vents for breathability when warm.
Pockets strategically placed; gives easy access when in a harness
Zipped pockets; prevents contents falling out and zipper pulls make it easier to open pockets even when wearing gloves.

  • Long-lasting wear
  • Slim Fit; offers superior comfort and reduced bulk
  • Extra leg length means more freedom of movement when using spurs
  • Stay dry-waterproof, tough fabric to above the knee also increases durability

ArbourMax Ascend Trousers $334.78
($385.00 incl. GST)
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