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Safety Mesh, Safety Fences and Other Roading Gear

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Safety Fences (gates)

Pedestrian barriers. Used as a safety fence or for open excavations.
Safety Fences (comply with NZTA specs in COPTTM)
Range of different sizes: 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m
Footing/Feet supplied with fences
Clip together to form a continuous fence surrounding the hazard.
Road Works or Crowd Control
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Medium-weight Safety Mesh

SM-Medium (BACH)
SM-Medium (BACH)
Medium-weight safety mesh for longer term use. (Most popular)
Ideal if you need something a bit sturdier
Roll: 900mm x 30M. Weight: 8.5kg

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PVC Bunting Flags on Nylon Rope
30m long Rope
45 High Vis Fluro PVC Flags
Great for defining hazardous areas
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Sign Cover Tape 100m roll (Protection Film)

200mm wide X 100 Meters (white)
Perfect for using on traffic management sites covering up permanent warning signs when implementing temp speed limits or general use on road signs, covering letters and numbers.
Or used as a protection film on smooth metal surfaces.
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Bitumend Coldmix 20KG Bag

Bitumend Coldmix 20KG Bag
Bitumend Coldmix 20KG Bag
Bitumend® Coldmix is a permanent pothole repair kit in a bag. 
It is the ideal product for fixing potholes or making asphalt repairs in your driveway or carpark

1 tonne bag: 16sqm

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Safety Spec Sheet (Click here)
Product Spec Sheet (click here)
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Measuring Wheel

Great value for money. Folding handle
30cm diameter wheel
Total height 100cm
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Heavy Duty Measuring Wheel

Heavy duty, quality measuring wheel. Weight: 2.05kg
Perfect if you use a measuring wheel on a regular basis.
Trigger brake, Dirt Scrapper, Carry handle
Two counter reset buttons (handle or counter)
Steel kickstand and Zero point indicator
Easy to measure horizontal, vertical or curved
Ergonomically designed handle grip
Size: Wheel Diameter: 318.5mm. Folded: 60cm. Expanded: 116cm

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Arrow Board

Level1 & 2 sizes available LED, comes with cabling and controller
Solar Powered & Deep Cycle Batteries
Tow behind your work vehicle or park and leave inside a work site
Level 1 size arrow board 1200X600
Registered and has WOF

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Portable Traffic Signals

Portable Traffic Signals (MPB4000 - NZTA Approved)
Portable Traffic Signals (MPB4000 - NZTA Approved)
NZTA approved.The MPB 4000 Vehicle Activated traffic lights are suited for single lane control (one lane closure alternative to manual traffic control), T-junctions, cross roads, truck crossing, bridge repair work and construction sites where there is a high volume of traffic. 
The sensor on these traffic lights will even detect pedestrians and cyclists!
These units have: A range of up to 16 different frequencies thus eliminating interference from other radio transmitters.
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