Cone Bars

SKU: B02

This is the ideal product for blocking off work areas or for channeling pedestrians at active work sites. Can also be used for events at indoor or outdoor venues.

  • The bar extends up to 2m (telescopic bar).
  • Use in conjunction with 900mm wide or slim profile road cones.
  • Lightweight and can be set up within seconds.
  • Great for queue/line management, social distancing, COVID-19 management.
(Should only be used in conjunction with positive traffic management, not to replace a safety fence).

Prices Start at $13.95 + GST.  We are able to discount the price of Cone Bars on bulk orders.

Price excludes the road cones - Cones are used in the photo only to show how the Cone Bars are used.

Cone Bars $13.95
($16.04 incl. GST)
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