Edge Marker & Culvert Markers

Edge Marker & Culvert Markers

  • Edge markers are used to delineate local roads and highways.
  • Edge markers are white with a red panel and reflective overlay tape.
  • Culvert and warning markers are used to assist maintenance contractors in identifying underground cables, culverts and hydrants. 
  • Culvert markers are dark green and hydrant markers are light blue.

Guidelite™ Edge Marker Posts and Warning Markers are built tough to take the knocks and spring back for more.
All Edge Marker Posts use only 3M High Intensity Prismatic HI-P white retro-reflective sheeting and Bright Red 3M cast vinyl and are designed so as to give maximum protection to the reflective if struck by a vehicle.

Edge Marker & Culvert Markers $9.50
($10.93 incl. GST)
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