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Variable Message Sign (Mobile - VMS)
Make your business advertising pack a punch!
Hire Traffic Management & Control's Mobile Variable Message Sign today! 

This electronic message sign is mounted to a trailer enabling you to locate it virtually anywhere!
Do you need to advertise an upcoming road work project or get your business name out there?

Click Here to look at VMS page on this website 

  • It has a 100 inch, 1.2 metre tall, 2.0 metre wide screen with a LED amber display (visibility distance more than 1000m)
  • Mounted to a registered trailer for easy transport and has a hydraulic hoist for max height display and fast setup.
  • Program any text you like as well as graphics and animation display, customise font size, scrolling text option, you are also able to program multiple pages on a repeat loop enabling you to get as much information out there as possible.
  • Remote options (change screen display via a Text message from your mobile phone)
  • Solar powered to ensure you have sufficient power

Program any message you like!
• Advertise your business name or product
• Road works, closures, delays and construction projects
• Ideal for Events, New Year’s celebration countdown or stopwatch display for races, or use as a score board for that important game or match!
• Recruit staff
• Park at your retail shop and run that Easter or public holiday special
• You could even use the message sign to be romantic on Valentine’s Day displaying your special message, or even a wedding proposal!

Please note that we also have a second Variable Message Sign based in Invercargill, please make contact for enquires.

For HIRE ENQUIRIES and to obtain rates please make contact by either emailing or alternatively call us on free phone number 0800 000 168 (after hours 0276555378)

Discounted rates for long term hires 


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