Personalised Street Blade

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Customize your own street blade to say anything you like! Our street blades come in a variety of colours and can look exactly like the real thing! The standard size is 1000x150mm
Price on application - price will vary according to design and size.

Colours available: green, blue, yellow, white, red, orange and black.
Street blades can be single or double-sided - the choice is yours!

Street blades are made from aluminium, reflective options are available.
We can arrange for brackets to help you fix the signs to whatever you wish.
Please contact our friendly sales team for quotes and enquiries. $POA

Please note, Street Blades have a lip on the top and bottom, they require brackets so they can be mounted onto a pole/post.  See our listing for 'Personalised Road Signs' if you would like your sign to sit flat against a wall or to be mounted onto a wooden fence.

Price on application - price will vary according to design and size.
If you would like anything else, just ask and I'm sure we can help.
We'll send you a draft of the design, before getting the sign made.

The purchase price below is for the basic single-sided, non-reflective sign without any fixing.
If you want to change any of these options please notify us they will come at an extra charge. 

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