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We offer a range different types of tools, knives & paints

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Bluetooth Multifunction (Speaker/Torch/Charger)

Speaker / Torch
Speaker  /  Torch

Multifunctional LED Torch / Bluetooth Speaker

-    Bluetooth Speaker (with bike bracket)
-    Power Bank (charge your phone)
-    Flash Light (LED) 
-    FM Radio
-    Charge via USB
Full Details add to cart $47.82
($54.99 incl. GST)

Little Hotties Hand Warmers (1 pair)

Single use 8 hour warmers,
odorless, evironmentaly friendly & air activated.
Full Details add to cart $2.50
($2.88 incl. GST)

Reversing Camera Kit

Perfect for:
Reversing with bad visibility or in large vehicles.
Reversing camera kit with a microphone.
Comes with a 7 inch screen, cable and camera.
12 month warranty
Full Details add to cart $386.40
($444.36 incl. GST)

Rear view mirror monitor 4.3" Full Kit

Rear View Mirror Specifications: Brand AEPARTS
Voltage 12. 4.3" Rear view mirror monitor.
Colour screen, digital TFT LCD. 2x AV inputs. NTSC. PAL.
Touch button. Anti-glare mirror. 
Cable Specifications: Connecting Cables - 10 or 20 Metres.
Camera Specifications: CCD Colour Camera with IR night vision.
Mirrored, Voltage 12, Terminations RCA Leads
Image Device 1/3˝ Interline CCD PAL(NTC) 
Full Details add to cart $297.26
($341.85 incl. GST)

Water Resistant KYD Two way Radio

IP-607 (BACH)
IP-607 (BACH)
Perfect for: All weather two way communication. 
Waterproof, dustproof, pressure and shatter-resistant!
UHF frequency range. Comes with a basic accessories pack.
5 watt power output. Frequency: PRS UHF 476.425-477.4 MHz
PRS channels pre-loaded. VOX. 107 DCS tone
50 CTSS tone. 7.4V DC Li-ion battery pack
Priority scanning and channel scanning
Busy channel lockout. Time out timer. Ear piece sold separately.

NOTE: If you require these in VHF email us direct before any sale ( with your VHF license details and the frequencies need them programmed (must have a license to operate VHF otherwise you can purchase the UHF radios as advertised here)
Ie VHF Purchases Sell only to companies with a licence or whom are approved to use the channel

Full Details add to cart $220.00
($253.00 incl. GST)

Spray Writer Paint

Perfect for: Timber, concrete, masonry and bitumen.
Easy to use- 360 degree spray delivery - no need to hold can upright.
Mark wet surfaces. Unique formulation reduces spray drift
Reduced toxicity. 350g aerosol
Colours: White, Yellow, Blue.
Line marking paint also available (line marking machine or spray wand required).

Full Details add to cart $9.95
($11.44 incl. GST)

Line Marking Paint

Perfect for:
Car parks, warehouses, factories or sporting facilities.
Durable satin finish line marking paint
Quick drying, UV resistant acrylic coating
Formulated to provide long lasting lines
500g aerosol
Colours: yellow or white
Requires a spray wand or line machine to use.

Full Details add to cart $15.00
($17.25 incl. GST)

Spray Wand

Spray Wand
Spray Wand
Extension Bar for Spray Paint
Gives extra reach when needed
Saves on straining your back
Improved efficiency in application
Lightweight aluminium
Full Details add to cart $139.00
($159.85 incl. GST)

Line Marking Trolley

Get a sharp line everytime. 
Just pop in your can of Line Marking Paint and your ready to go

Adjustable line widths (60-100mm)
Side line attachment
Removable handle for spot marking
Tray for additional paint cans
Full Details add to cart $590.00
($678.50 incl. GST)

Fluoro Tape Measure 8m

Heavy duty fluro measure, 8m.
Extra strong four rivet end hook
Hi-Viz colours orange, green and pink
Millimeter markings - no more 100mm syndrome
Strong compact case that fits in your hand
True zero end hook. Wide belt clip for ease of use
Full Details add to cart $11.95
($13.74 incl. GST)

Magnetic Measuring Tape - 8m or 10m

Perfect for: Heavy duty measurement work.
Magnetic end hook with 4 rivets
Double nylon coated matte finish blade for abrasion resistance
Rubber sides and grip
Strong lock
Size: 8m x 25mm
Comes in a 10 metre option
Full Details add to cart From from $15.22
($17.50 incl. GST)

ResQ Tool

Perfect for: Keeping in your car or work vehicles for emergency situations.
Window breaker hammer point
Seatbelt cutter
Comes with a mounting bracket.
Full Details add to cart $22.00
($25.30 incl. GST)

Multi Sharpener

Perfect for: Sharpening any strength blade or knife.
1 Side Sharpening insert
1 Side Whet Stone insert
Supplied with PVC pouch
Sharpens knives, scissors, garden tools etc.

Full Details add to cart $25.50
($29.33 incl. GST)

Metal Scraper

Perfect for:
Scraping off paint, tape and stickers.
Heavy duty scraper made in the USA.
Blade not included.
Full Details add to cart $6.95
($7.99 incl. GST)

Safety Double Plus Knife

Perfect for: Workplace safety requirements.
Automatic blade retraction to prevent injuries
Blade also retracts when contact is lost even if slider is in forward position
Round thumb slider can be used from both sides or top
Rubberised grip to prevent slipping
Easy blade changes with no tools
Replacement blades available.
Full Details add to cart $19.95
($22.94 incl. GST)

Metal Cutter

Supplied with blade snapper on the back of cutter
Super tough All-Metal die cast body
Auto Lock
Extra thick Stainless Steel insert
Rubber grip on the back to reduce slippage
Full Details add to cart $11.95
($13.74 incl. GST)

Sports Pro Knife

Multi-use stainless steel sports knife.
Full Details add to cart $20.70
($23.81 incl. GST)

Stealth Auto-Load Knife

Automatic blade loading
Quick flip blade change function
Side lock retractable blade
Comfortable, shaped grip
Quick and easy to reload
5 blade storage compartment (5 blades included)
Suitable for cutting a wide range of materials including carpet, cardboard, plastic, rubber and leather
Full Details add to cart $23.90
($27.49 incl. GST)

Sport Pro II Knife

Perfect for: All your sporting needs.
Quality stainless steel sport / rescue blade.
Retractable quick change utility blade and rubber grip.
Handy Belt Clip
Full Details add to cart $21.90
($25.19 incl. GST)

Heavy Duty Blades

Perfect for:
Using in the auto loading pocket knife or the double plus safety knife.
Heavy duty trimming knife blades. Pack of 10.

Full Details add to cart $5.60
($6.44 incl. GST)

S/Steel Pocket Knife

Perfect for:
General use and in the food industry.
100% stainless steel pocket knife
Folding knife with locking blade
Ideal for food industry or general use
Blade length: 80mm
Nylon holster included
Full Details add to cart $14.95
($17.19 incl. GST)

12 Function Multi-Tool

Quality stainless steel construction, 12 function tool.
Rubber grip
Nylon holster
Positive lock holds blade securely
Functions include Phillips and flat screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, saw and knife
Full Details add to cart $34.03
($39.13 incl. GST)

Black Panther Snips

Comfort grip handles
Highest quality stainless steel
Serrated edge blades
Precision ground honed to the finest edge
Adjustable tension pivot
Ideal for cutting a wide range of materials including wire netting, light gauge aluminium, carpet & leather
Length: 185mm (7") including handle
Full Details add to cart $25.57
($29.41 incl. GST)

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