Min course requirements for attendees (pre-requisites

  • Traffic Controller - TC (1 day course). Don’t forget first you must attend the TC course prior to attending the STMS course (1 month stand down between courses). No previous training required to attend this TC course. Course covers basic introduction to temporary traffic management. NOTE there is a 1 month stand down before you can attend the STMS course.  For more information click here TC Course Information
  • Site Traffic Management Supervisor - STMS (2 day course). This course is for qualified TC's and must be current (not be expired), check date displayed on your ID card. Note there is a one month stand down between completing the TC course and this STMS course.
    You may also attend this course if you have held an STMS qualification any time in the past (regardless if it has expired or not).For more information click here STMS Course Information 
  • Refresher Course (1 day course). Lasts 3 years. Please note that this is a combined course for qualified TC’s and STMS only, you can refresh your staff regardless if they are a TC/STMS and as long as each person has already attended the full 1 day TC Course or the 2 day STMS course.
    Your current qualification must not be expired for more than 1 year, please check your ID cards for expiry dates. You cannot attend the Refresher course as substitute for a full TC or STMS course.
  • Waste Collection Traffic Leader (KTCL) half day course, for industries that deal with kerbside collection activities 
  • We also offer 1-2 hourly talks to organisations about key principles of the code, this also covers basic reminders for management & and staff on the ground about when traffic management may be required and advice and tips to keep your company fresh on top the rules (please make contact) 

Guidance for Trainers & Assessors for Prerequisites:
 L1 TC = no prerequisite.
 L1 TC Refresher = must have a TTM qualification not expired longer than one year.
 L1 STMS = Holds a current TC qualification or has held an STMS (at any time) in the past. To attend a Level 1 STMS course a trainee must have held their first TC qualification for a minimum of a month.
 L1 STMS Refresher = STMS qualification expired no longer than one year.

TC can also refresh by attending a full TC course
STMS can refresh by attending a full STMS course.

Please check expiry date of previous TTM qualification to ensure qualification eligibility. No other TTM course is allowed to run with the full 2-day STMS course.

Bookings - CLICK HERE & email form back to Train@TrafficManagementLtd.co.nz

For more training, please refer to CoPTTM Manual 4th edition, Section A - A6 Training http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/code-temp-traffic-management/copttm.html

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