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GPS Tracking
The GPS tracking provides you, your clients and Road Controlling Authorities’ insurance that your sites were being checked as required. If you purchase it for this reason alone, it’s a very cheap periodic GPS tracking system with no monthly costs! How many companies can prove their inspections were undertaken, including showing positioning on Google Maps with times and dates? Now you can!
We all have smart phones in our pockets so this App utilises this by attaching real time pictures showing the condition of the site and how you left it. It will automatically send these to your selected notification addresses, arriving in your inbox seconds later for viewing by whomever you wish.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and In the event something happens on your site while it’s unattended or at night (when 85% of all worksite accidents occur), you can prove how the site was left and that the minimum site inspections were carried out as required by the NZTA - CoPTTM.

E1.8 COPTTM form as part of the onsite record app. It will replicate this form so you can know use this checking process before setting up sites that are operating under a signed off Generic TMP.
 We had a lot of demand for this feature from larger companies who use generic TMPs for their maintenance work.The TC/STMS can complete the E1.8 form within the app before setting up traffic managment sites. 
Customised reporting spreadsheet that summarises/imports all your OSR checks for providing to RCA’s or tenders like the NOC contracts, providing a quick, clean overview off all sites by each STMS as one report. To use this Feature click on the link below (note you will need to drag them from a folder not direct from Outlook, ie save to a folder first then into the program below

Tool Briefing Function has also been added to the App enabling you to take notes topic discussed, hazards identified and then the APP sends a emailed report showing tool box report with GPS link, photos of who attended and signatures. 
Efficiency benefits
It guarantees to return savings far beyond the one-off purchase cost (refer to your app store) within the first week. WHY?
Eliminate staff hours spent scanning and saving these safety records (as required under new HSW Act 2015). Now at the click of a button they are all in your inbox once the App is completed. Seeing pictures of the site provides other team members the opportunity to be able to view the site without even fuelling the car up, or spending hours driving around your sites. Utilise previous photos when briefing staff about a repeat job or where there is a change in on-site staff. Read site comments and notes and forward information easily to others. Streamline your processes without spending thousands of dollars.
Environmentally friendly (no more paper)
Why print countless paper forms? Remove the paper and printing costs, eliminate having to scan or file paper forms and remove the need for physical storage for old records.
Quality Control
How many managers and foremen can say they know what all their jobs or work sites look like before they even leave their homes or desks? Now you can with real time pictures, map overview of all your sites and instant notification emails sent to email addresses of your choice.
Whether it is yourself, an STMS, foreman or Manager, everyone can reap the rewards by knowing what sites need attention first, knowing the checks are actually being completed by your staff (this is a big part of the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 at managerial level), and being able to provide your clients or RCA (Council) with electronic site checks if required at the click of a button. In one tidy summary email see all mandatory checks boxes completed, hazards identified onsite and comments that need passed on, as well as the real time pictures. It also allows you to immediately identify the most at-risk sites and attend to these on site first, minimising overall risk.
Office and quality efficiencies are also created. The person who prepared the TMP can view the site fully set up and note improvements that could be made to future TMPs. The STMS who is in charge of the site can easily monitor delegated TCs beyond the initial STMS daily check. Key stakeholders can view images related to their sites without even turning the car key.  

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