Portable Traffic Signals

Vehicle Activated LED Portable Traffic Lights (MPB4000 - NZTA Approved)

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The MPB 4000 Vehicle Activated traffic lights are suited for single lane control (one lane closure, alternative to manual traffic control) , T-junctions, cross roads (truck crossing), bridge repair work and construction sites where there is a high volume of traffic, and these are NZTA approved.
The sensor on these traffic lights will even detect pedestrians and cyclists!

These units have:
A range of up to 16 different frequencies thus eliminating interference from other radio transmitters.
A built in Quartz Mode which will allow operation of this unit even in case of radio transmission failure.
LED Technology for long life and minimal power consumption.

Operating Modes:

Automatic fixed time mode, automatic green time extension, automatic green on demand, manual operation, light off, flashing, 6 day programs and night time operation.
Operating Voltage: 12V DC / 230V AC
Power Consumption: LED: Daylight approx 0.68 amp per signal head. Night approx 0.58 amp per signal head
Data Transfer: Quartz (timing controlled) / direct cable link or digital radio transmission (multiple frequencies of your choice available)
Radio Range: 2000 meters maximum
Operating Time: (On single battery charge) - 8 hrs per day—approx 10 weeks.

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