Practical training


Spend half a day in Dunedin with one of our experienced STMS staff while they set up 3 - 7 traffic management sites (one-on-one session only). 6am – to 10am each day.

This provides a unique opportunity to those who want to get a practical feel for a real active traffic management site under a signed off TMP. This can be for non-qualified people interested in the industry or qualified TC's & STMS's who want to gain some hands-on knowledge after completing the traffic management courses below.

Companies can put individuals through this course to gain experience with the practical side of traffic management (note that this is experience only e.g. could be used on a reference or company training records but is not a formal qualification).

The course covers the following: 

  • Site setup/establishment of closures ranging from shoulder closures, temporary footpaths and lane diversions and unattended site checks
  • Watch our staff undertake STMS inductions/tool box meetings and use the On Site Record 2 hourly NZTA forms / app
  • View signed off TMPs prior to installation and watch while we implement the site from scratch
  • Understanding sign truck and installation rules as per C11 CoPTTM i.e. signage and equipment handling/placement and watching how we operate the sign truck.


You will be required to undergo a safety induction the day prior to attending (30 minutes).
Attendees will need to wear a hi-vis safety garment (provided if required) and won’t be allowed on the live lane or to set up the site themselves, although they will be able to help with sites when working from the footpath / shoulder only.
Must be able to communicate clearly with the driver and be physically able. No age limits. Acceptance of applicants is at the discretion TMC Ltd.

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