Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) 2-day course


The NZ Transport Agency Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (COP/TTM) requires that appropriately trained and qualified personnel must carry out and supervise Temporary Traffic Management duties on all worksites.
The head Traffic Controller is designated the Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS). The STMS has specific duties and has ultimate responsibility for overall traffic management at the worksite.
This two-day course provides training to the requirements of the NZTA Code of Practice for
Temporary Traffic Management (COP/TTM), and covers the new standards and operating
procedures for NZTA and Local Authority roads.

Topics include:

Basic components of a roadwork site:

  • Checking Traffic Management Plans provided
  • Designing Traffic Management Plans for different work stages
  • Setting up, checking and removing road works safety measures
  • Controlling traffic at a worksite, including Stop/Go operations
  • Working safely within the protected area
  • Effectiveness of personal protective equipment
  • Reporting and recording accidents and crashes
  • Plant and work vehicle operation and safety
  • Worksite safety audits
  • Local Roads supplement

On completion of this course participants will:

  • Selection and usage of authorised signage and site protection measures
  • Developing and submitting Traffic Management Plans for approval
  • Site specific, generic and generic/specific plans for static, semi-static, inspection and mobile
  •  Relating Code of Practice standards to participants; actual worksite and developing practical
  • Checking and implementing Traffic Management Plans supplied
  • Notification and response times required
  • Briefing the work team about site traffic management
  • Identifying and controlling traffic and other hazards
  • Liaising with, and ensuring safety compliance of site visitors
  • Setting up, checking, maintaining and safe removal of worksite protection measures
  • Understand and apply the standards for local roads

Who should attend

Any person that carries out work on or within the boundaries of a road. These include NZTA State Highways and Local Authority roads.


NZTA requires that you must be registered on the NZTA database and hold a current Level 1 Basic TC (or TC Refresher) qualification or have held a Level 1 STMS qualification (at any time) in the past.
Please provide your NZTA (Transit) Photo ID card number on your registration form.
NB: There is a one month stand down between completing the TC course and this STMS course.
More information is detailed in CoPTTM about Training courses (Section A6). – link to PDF

Upcoming courses

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January 2020

Monday 20th January Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) 2-day course Dunedin Book
Tuesday 28th January Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) 2-day course Invercargill Book