On-Site Record (CoPTTM) Phone App

The OSR App is the electronic version of the NZTA - CoPTTM (Code of Practices for Temp Traffic Management) On-Site Record form.
Replace hard copy forms with your mobile phone. It’s mandatory for NZTA compliance to fill out your on-site records every two hours on all active work sites.
PLUS the App provides you so much more, from its cost saving paperless functionality, to giving you the edge in quality control or the time saving gains it can produce for your office and worksite. From a 1 man STMS crew to a large fast growing company, this APP really is limitless to what it can provide. If you want this App just to save on paper alone or for its added benefits & functions, it’s entirely in your hands (literally).

Money Back Guarantee: if you don’t like this App after installing and using for 2 weeks, contact TMC Ltd and we'll reimburse you for the app cost. That’s how confident we are about this product.  

Tool Briefing Function has recently been added to the app, enabling you to take notes of topic discussed, hazards identified and then the app sends a emailed report showing the tool box report with a GPS link, and photos and signatures of people who attended.

E1.8 COPTTM form as part of the onsite record app. It will replicate this form so you can know use this checking process before setting up sites that are operating under a signed off Generic TMP.
 We had a lot of demand for this feature from larger companies who use generic TMPs for their maintenance work.The TC/STMS can complete the E1.8 form within the app before setting up traffic managment sites. 
Customised reporting spreadsheet that summarises/imports all your OSR checks for providing to RCA’s or tenders like the NOC contracts, providing a quick, clean overview off all sites by each STMS as one report. To use this Feature click on the link below (note you will need to drag them from a folder not direct from Outlook, ie save to a folder first then into the program below
Brief Overview

Documentation & accurate record keeping is one the biggest changes under the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. This APP can greatly benefit you and your company in this area. The ability to view each site check from your computer, map overviews showing all your sites on the app, GPS Tracking enabling accurate records to be emailed directly to your specified notification addresses (as many as you want), showing your staff / work site position on Google Maps and real time pictures captured through your phone’s camera tells your office, STMS or manager everything without a single word being exchanged, just by utilising what's already in your pocket.
It also eliminates time consuming & repetitive functions such as filling in dates, times and location. All this as well as your qualification information and signature are saved in the APP and is automatically emailed with each check.
Access all these features for a one-off cost from your app store. There are no ongoing monthly fees. No catches, it’s that simple. The quality control features and the savings on printing/paper alone will recoup the app cost within the first week! This standalone system is designed to be used alongside existing systems you have in place.

Price & Background about the APP

The app costs less than $ refer app store. This is a ONE OFF COST, absolutely no monthly ongoing costs! This has been the biggest question, how and why would something that can greatly benefit your company be so incredibly cheap with no catches. The truth is because the app has been built and designed by a traffic management company, we have reaped the cost savings by internally using the APP, saving in fuel, quality control hours, printing and admin costs.
We wanted to lead the industry and help others by making it purchasable at such a low cost that there would be no reason for others not to use the app. We believe it could potentially save lives by providing the tools to have a low cost quality control system in place, and also protect your organisation or worker in the event of an accident through accurate, streamlined record keeping.
A question we get asked frequently is why not just keep using the hard form, it does the same thing doesn't it? The quick answer is the app doesn’t just replace the hard copy form, it gives you so much more.

  • Can you prove you filled in the hard copy form at those times?

  • How long did it take to explain to your RCA/council or your own staff that X or Y happened? Showing a picture is far quicker and easier.

  • Do you know all your workers are doing the checks 2 hourly?

  • When you check or audit your sites at 8am, do you have an idea who you should see and give attention to first

  • If the site was setup incorrectly, does the hard form let you know when to call and help/guide your staff, or see that something was setup in the wrong place?

  • Does the paper form give you better control and all-round quality, reducing labour at the same time without hiring extra hands?

  • Does your hard form jump out of the cab of the truck, walk into the office and scan itself?

  • Does the hard form provide other staff with the qualification details of TC/STMS site handovers straight away, allowing you to check expiry dates and qualification levels? This alone means you are constantly on top of training and expiry dates, and the liability involved with signing over an expired TC in charge of a worksite when STMS is ultimately in charge is so great a risk that it’s not worth relying on hard forms.

So it’s not just an app, it’s so much more. How you use it is in your hands.


- Android APP (available now)
- Windows APP (available now)
- Apple APP (for models 4s and newer) (available now)

Money Back Guarantee (if you don’t like this App after installing and using for 2 weeks contact TMC Ltd and well reimburse you for the app) That’s how confident we are about this product.    

Tips for buying the app for organisations, We recommend purchasing your employees gift cards from the links below. Or alternatively ask them to purchase the App with their personal card and reimburse them (this ensures company card details don’t end up on staff phones)
Android Gift cards
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