Road Direct Ltd is a dedicated traffic management APP designed to make your job easier, faster and keep day to day safety simple.

Road Direct - On-site Record Phone App

TMC Ltd endorses the use of Road Direct Ltd software which is custom made for the TTM industry, using its On-Site Record app and other programs soon to be realised (Electronic – Road Planner which manages all your resources, bookings and charges work).

This technology  has helped reduce paper work, provided streamlined H&S communication from the ground to management which in return has helped us obtain such H&S accreditations as 93% Prequal, Tertiary ACC and Green in Site Wise results.

In addition it has also saved many staff hours and costs through the innovative approach from handling and recording & keeping documentation which is now a big part of the new WorkSafe Act 2015. Now using Road Direct Ltd’s software you can have evidence that these steps have been completed on the ground, reviewing instantly from the office as well as enabling management to plan any of their sites remotely from any device.

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