Otago Optimist Summer Series

Traffic Management & Control is proud to be running and sponsoring the following series to help encourage young sailors on the Otago harbour.
Otago Optimist Summer Series; this a free sailing series at no cost to sailors, Traffic Management & Control Ltd runs this series annually and is focused on helping young sailors reach their goals by uniting as many sailors in Otago as we can creating a competitive racing atmosphere.

From 2016 onwards we have also Duplicated the series for the OPEN BIC Class.

Our core focus: This is a free series, no excuses, the objective is to keep doing what we have and build the entry level classes on the Otago Harbour sailing and create a culture of sailing together working as whole utilizing knowledge we have in our region and parents networking.
The aim is on each Principle day at each club on the Otago Harbour to create a fun and competitive environment, getting all new and young sailors together though out the sailing season.

Quality Screen Print has also sponsored the OOSS by kindly screen printing the sailing Rash tops and kids T-shirts



Racing Program - 2016/2017


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Rules & NOR


2016/2017 Racing Results (OPTI & OPEN BIC): CLICK HERE

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3rd - tbc
Most Improved & Dedicated Sailor - tbc


• Free Entry for OOSS, please note that you will still be required to pay the entry fee to the hosting club for each OOSS race, these clubs will have their own prizes & results, and the OOSS series is being run in conjunction with these clubs.

• Refer OYA Sailing Programme for Start Times; please check ODT on a Thursday prior to each race for any changes.

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Principles behind OOSS

• OOSS is Free (all entries no cost)
• Run the races in conjunction with other clubs in Otago on their major race day and spread the racing around as many clubs as we can.
• Create good exposure for these up and coming young sailors and hopefully make other young sailors aware of the OOSS.
• Run races on same courses as the club courses (not separating the Opti fleet), enabling the sailors to get that big fleet experience they need in order to accelerate their sailing skills into the future (giving us that edge that other larger regions may have). Also being close enough to the more experienced and older sailors out on the water while racing so that they can pass on those valuable pointers on and off the water.
• Get all the kids together mixing and sharing their knowledge and skills, and creating a competitive atmosphere and stable fleet.
• Utilise the resources we already have within Otago and hopefully attracting other regions to come here for weekend racing.
• We need minimum of 5 boats each race to qualify as an OOSS race, this gives the sailors the incentive and responsibility for organising and making sure their fellow sailors turn up for each race.
• Increase sailing as a whole by attracting young kids at early stage into the sport.

ODT Article http://www.odt.co.nz/sport/yachting/185337/yachting-summer-optimist-series-fills-childrens-sails 

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